Why choose us?

Expertise in all technical and analytical themes related to data


The geomarketing analysis will allow you to identify your location, potential and prospecting areas. You could also have a geolocalized follow-up of all your activities, your market and your competitors.

Business Intelligence

The analysis of your data will allow you to increase the knowledge of your customers and your products. Your growth levers will be identified and your profits maximized.


The implementation of an IT infrastructure for storage, processing and distribution is essential to facilitate the exploitation of data analysis.

Data Engineering

The time it takes to load your data can be a daily challenge for your company. Automation will drastically reduce waiting times.

Data pack

Setting up all the data necessary to carry out your analyses.

Business Consulting

Accompaniment on all your problems of analysis and information processing.

Cartographic Production

Production of a descriptive and/or explanatory map to analyze your activities.

Communication Strategy

Identify the best location for your communication campaigns. Refine your targets and increase your catch rate.

Audit and Evaluation

Study the existing situation in order to optimise your future performance.

Marketing Strategy

Analyze your data to adapt your development policies.