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Strategy & Data Consulting


Analysis of localized data, catchment area, customers, prospects and competitors


Optimization of IT infrastructures and tools to increase performance

Business Intelligence

Monitoring of performance indicators and support for strategic decision-making

Data Engineering

Simplification of data management and processing

"Who are we?"

Who are we?


We specialize in the sectors of telecommunications and bancassurance and have developed an expertise adapted to the specificities of the Caribbean, African, European and North American markets.

Helping you identify your growth levers in order to increase your performance.
Our scope of intervention:

  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Study of specific or recurring subjects
  • Audit, change management, coaching
  • IT development, virtualization, data visualization, data management, geographic information system (GIS)
  • The constant evolution of information technology is increasing the digital divide between companies.
    We are convinced that sharing our know-how with a human approach around innovation will allow our customers to remain competitive.

  • Customer satisfaction : Our customers remain at the center of our concerns. Providing a quality service is our utmost priority.
  • Innovation : We are always ready to take up challenges, push our limits and propose innovative solutions.
  • Integrity : Respect for our customers and discretion in our work will always be our prerogative.
  • Customer care : We are available and sensitive to our clients' challenges.
  • Our Services


    Catchment Area

    Determine the zone of influence of your activities, identify your prospects and your development potential.

    Business Intelligence

    Market shares

    Estimate your market share and determine your positioning in relation to your competitors.



    Monitor your activities and performance to identify your growth levers.


    Data Visualization

    Set up simple and dynamic tools to quickly visualize your information.

    Data Engineering

    Integration Automation

    Process and automate the integration of your data

    Data Engineering

    Data Management

    Secure, historize and organize the storage of your data


    Why choose us?

    Expertise in all technical and analytical themes related to data


    The geomarketing analysis will allow you to identify your location, potential and prospecting areas. You could also have a geolocalized follow-up of all your activities, your market and your competitors.

    Business Intelligence

    The analysis of your data will allow you to increase the knowledge of your customers and your products. Your growth levers will be identified and your profits maximized.


    The implementation of an IT infrastructure for storage, processing and distribution is essential to facilitate the exploitation of data analysis.

    Data Engineering

    The time it takes to load your data can be a daily challenge for your company. Automation will drastically reduce waiting times.